Testori LATAM foundation

8th June 2022

Novate Milanese, Milan, Italy — June, 08th 2022 — Testori Group (Testori) global leader in the industrial filtration market, is pleased to announce the recent foundation of Testori LATAM.

The new Companyregistered and located in Santiago (Republic of Chile), originates from an initiative by Testori SpA (Italy), and will be led as Director by Mr. Alcari Schizzi Jr., who boasts more than twenty years of experience in the business sector of interest.”

“Being part of Testori Group” - says Mr. Schizzi – “Testori LATAM will offer to the Latin American market a wide range of ready-made filter cloths and products, 100% based on Testori technology and manufactured in Europe, combined with a unique proposition of professional technical and logistic services at local level”.

The company aims at developing an ever-growing customer base of end users in those industrial sectors whose processes extensively employ equipment for liquid-solid separation, such as press and vacuum filters.

Alessandro Bernardini, Managing Director of Testori, is pleased to inform that Testori has completed the addition of Testori LATAM to Testori family of companies.  He states: “our goal is to intensify and advance our activities in the attractive LATAM area, reaching out to additional business opportunities and delivering direct service to the existing local clients. Testori is already a well-known and trusted supplier for different customers in the relevant geographic area but would like to approach new opportunities and new fields where it can further boast forefront products and solutions”.

Testori LATAM will support Testori Group’s expansion, with the mission to grow and further strengthen its leading role in the worldwide market.

For further information: https://www.testori.it/en/contact-us.html

Since its foundation in 1905, Testori Group has developed a complete and distinctive know-how in technical textiles technologies applied to industrial filtration, establishing its position as a global leading brand and reliable supplier of engineered fabrics and advanced filtration solutions. The vertically integrated operations enable the Group to develop a highly customized range of products and services. Testori customer-oriented attitude is key to deliver top quality filter media and optimal trouble-shooting support.