Welcome to Testori, the Italian world leader in filtration.

Testori is an industrial group active for over 115 years in the technical textile field; more specific, in industrial filtration for production and environmental protection processes.

Our mission is to be an international excellence for technologies, products and services for gas and liquid filtration and for highly specialized technical products specifically designed for industry and environmental protection.

Our vision, as our slogan says, is Leading the way to filtration: by combining the constant research to increase product performance with the continuous attention to the customer, we intend to solidify Testori's role in the world of industrial filtration by committing ourselves to reduce emissions, increase energy yields and recycling of natural elements.

Our know-how, our brand and the vertically integrated production are the key points to maintain leadership and achieve ambitious goals.

Entrepreneurial solidity, business integrity and dynamic management are part of our company's DNA.

Internationalization, diversification and continuous innovation are concrete demonstrations of the leadership of the Testori Group in the past, in the present and in the challenges for the future.





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With over 115 years of history in industrial filtration, Testori Group can affirm an absolute leadership in Italy and around the world.

The main production plant is based in Novate Milanese (MI) and covers an area of 26,000 m2; the site, which is also the group headquarters, is dedicated to R&D, design, production, and marketing.

In Italy, the group is also represented by Tessitura Euganea, which operates in the production of gas filtration products for north-eastern market and specializes in assistance services.

In the USA, Testori USA Inc. establishes a commercial office in Ohio and supplies felts and fabrics to bag filter and liquid filter cloth manufacturers.

In France, Testori controls TTL France, a world leader in the production of multi-channel bags used in the production of primary aluminium. Headquartered in Sausheim, TTL also specializes in gas filtration of noble fibres, liquid filtration products, installation and maintenance services.

In Abu Dhabi (UAE), Testori Emirates Filtration Factory LLC is a production and commercial site dedicated to the sale of packaged products for the filtration of liquids and gases.

Filtratex, based in Barcelona, is a production and commercial site specialized in finished products for liquid and gas filtration in Spain and Portugal.

Testori South East Asia, headquartered in Singapore, is a production and commercial site for the sale of finished products for liquid filtration.

Testori LATAM, headquartered in Santiago de Chile, is a commercial site specialized in finished products for liquid filtration in South America.