Beyond filtration: our know-how at your service

Technologies, materials and know-how allow Testori Group to develop various opportunities thanks to a wide range of technical articles and fabrics applicable in different sectors.


Polyester fabrics specially produced to give strength and homogeneity of air distribution in fluidized bed powder handling systems.

Suitable for both channel conveyors and silos.

applications: cement / aluminum

Special gasket in wool rope for cocoa pressing, capable of ensuring optimal sealing in the difficult high-pressure environment of multi-chamber machines. Available in different sizes, diameters, and densities.

  • Rubber-impregnated fabrics that adapt to the most diverse shapes and needs.
    Main applications: tanks, belts, etc.
  • Used as scrim in the production of rubbery materials for membranes, rubber cloth gaskets or parts for seals in different applications.


  • Special fabrics for air filtration and conditioning
  • ​Materials for dehydrating tiles in cement-stone mixture

Membranes in pps felt or fabric for electrolytic cells used in the production of hydrogen / oxygen

Covers for trolleys to guarantee protection after sterilization.

Fabrics are specifically designed to withstand autoclave sterilization.

Felt tubes to carry out concrete / cement injections to increase the solidity of tunnels and supporting piles.

Testori, the solution for every application