R&D & Lab

The R&D laboratory is a strategic support aimed at all customers

The R&D laboratory is a strategic support aimed at all customers for every type of process and application.

The long and profound experience in the sector allows our technicians to support the customer in choosing the most suitable filter medium, identifying it from the existing range or developing the solution that best meets the specific need.

The continuous launch of new products over the years is a concrete demonstration of Testori's technical leadership in the filtration processes afferent to the reference markets.




Our analytical skills and our quality controls allow us to determine:

  • Permeability (EN ISO 9237) - Thickness (EN ISO 9073-2) and density (EN 12127) of the material
  • Shear and tensile strength (EN 29073-3 / EN 13934) of felts and fabrics
  • Burst test: measurement of the pressure necessary to bring a sample of 10 cm² to rupture (DIN 53861)
  • Resistivity of felts and fabrics (DIN 54345 / 1-5): measurement of antistatic properties
  • Pore distribution measurement test
  • Evaluation test of total extractables
  • Optical and electronic microscope analysis
  • VDI filtering efficiency test with report: VDI3926: 2004 (ISO 11057-2011 and ASTM D6830-02)
  • Particle size analysis of powders
  • Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) with report
  • Solid-liquid separation test by pilot plant