After more than 100 years of history, Testori claims an absolute leadership in Italy and a constant growth in European and extra-European countries

  • Italy - Testori SpA - Headquarters
    All solutions for gas & liquid filtration; textile items; services
  • Italy - Tessitura Euganea Srl
    Bags and pockets for gas filtration; pre & post-sales assistance (Filter-Tex)
  • France - TTL France S.A.
    Bags, multi-channel bags, and services for gas filtration; cloths & bags for liquid filtration
  • USA - United States - Testori USA Inc.
    Felts & Fabrics supply and technical assistance for liquid and gas filtration
  • U.A.E. - Testori Emirates Filtration - Factory LLC
    Manufacturing of bags and filtering fabrics for liquid and gas filtration
  • Spain & Portugal - FILTRATEX
    manufacturer of finished items (bags, cartridges, cloths), supplier of accessories and technical assistance provider.
Testori Group
Tessitura Euganea TTL France Testori USA Inc. Testori Emirates Filtration Factory LLC Filtratex Testori South East Asia

An extensive, consolidated network of agents ensures timely availability of Testori products all over the world.