R&D - Services

The R&D laboratory is a strategic support to all customers for different process technologies and markets. New product launches over the years are a concrete demonstration of Testori’s leading position.

Our key leverages to maintain the market leadership are:

  • Long and wide experience in industrial filtration
  • Environmental focus
  • Continuous innovation for both gas & liquid filtration

The analytical capabilities of our R&D laboratory are essential for innovation activities and for customer care (pre and after sales).



The analyses of plant operating data and used samples allow to engineer finished products in close relationship with customer. We provide design optimization for both gas and liquid filtration items.

Our analytical capabilities & quality controls include:


  • Permeability (EN ISO 9237)
  • Material thickness (EN ISO 9073-2) and density (EN 12127)
  • Shear and tensile strength (EN 29073-3 / EN 13934) of felts and cloths
  • Burst test: measure of necessary pressure to break a 10 cm² sample (DIN 53861)
  • Felt and woven fabric resistivity (DIN 54345/1-5): antistatic properties measurement
  • Optical and electronic microscopy tests
  • Infrared spectrometry
  • Size distribution and chemical composition of process dust
  • Measurement of dust penetration into the needlefelt
  • Differential scanning calorimetry
  • Filter media efficiency: VDI3926:2004 - ISO 11057:2011 -ASTM D6830:2002) is a method for comparative characterization of dry cleanable filter media under standardized conditions. This test is fit for evaluating filter media properties by comparison of filtration performance.



Testori offers complete assistance through specialized maintenance teams of Our sister companies in Italy and France: Filter-Tex® (in Maranello, Local Unit of Tessitura Euganea – Testori Group) and TTL France (in Mulhouse, controlled by Testori Group).


We observe, measure, analyse, and diagnose solutions for your filter.

Our know-how is at your service for:

  • Installation or replacement of filter bags
  • Maintenance and inspection on the plant; we provide maintenance contracts with planned inspections and measurements of emissions
  • Regeneration of filter bags (on site) with or without baskets removal and filter revamping


  • Check of any filter leakage with fluorescent powder: colored, inert, non-toxic tracer that reacts to ultraviolet light



Testori proposes “turn-key” solutions with the following products:

  • Support cages: in carbon or stainless steel, galvanized, with cataphoresis coating or with other treatments to prevent corrosion.
    We also supply special cage tops with bottom pans welded to the inside and two or three pieces cages (for long bags).
    Download Supporting Cages Form
  • Venturis: available in spun mild steel, Vydyne and cast aluminium
  • Seals / Gaskets
  • Electrodynamic probe for baghouse (TUV approved in according to EN 15859): allows continuous monitoring of flow rates and dust concentrations (in any process condition). Maintenance costs are significantly reduced.
  • FlocTes: flocculating agents that improve the dewaterability of sludge and the quality of the filtrate.



Testori has drawn up a procedure to optimize the management of samples for laboratory testing.
Sampling and packaging:

  • Take the used sample without shaking it or cleaning it (except for products coming from the pharmaceutical industry that must be pre-washed).
  • Seal the sample in a plastic package and close it later in a carton.

Download and complete the following forms that must be accessible without opening the carton: