In the field of solid-liquid separation, Testori expands its product range by offering flocculating agents that improve the dewaterability of sludge and the quality of the filtrate. The flocculant acts as a unifying element for the colloidal particles (previously destabilized by coagulation). The formation of the flake causes an increase in the size of the solid fraction, making it more efficiently separable.

Main characteristics
Testori FlocTes are essentially polyelectrolytes which differ according to:

  • Appearance: available in solid form (powder or granules)
  • Ionic charge:
    • Anionic (-) for particles of mineral origin
    • Cationic (+) for particles of organic origin
  • Density of ionic charge: varies from 0 to 100% depending on the application
  • Wide variety of molecular weights

The flocculant is recommended on the basis of specific chemical-physical analysis of the sludge.

Testori filter media for dewatering filter presses and belt presses fitted mainly. Conditioning works on the physical and chemical characteristics of the sludge by allowing you to:

  • Increase solid-liquid separation rate
  • Increase cake dryness
  • Improve the characteristics of the filtrate
  • Reduce the creep phenomena (in the belt press)
  • Reduce the clogging of the cloth (in filter presses)

The FlocTes, can be employed also in the upstream of the filtration, as for example during the sedimentation and/or thickening by gravity or by centrifugal separators, both on the water line that the sludge line.