Testori offers a full range of high quality supporting cages to complete its wide product portfolio. Large variety of shapes, materials, finishing treatments, junctions and collars. The supporting cages can be supplied with Venturis, nozzles and other accessories as requested by the application.


  • External diameter: from 100 to 190 mm
  • Length for 1 part cages: from 500 to 7.000 mm
  • Length for more than 1 part cages: up to 12.000 mm
  • Diameters of longitudinal wires and ring wires: from 2,5 to 6 mm
  • Different cage section shapes: from 4 to 24 wires


  • Carbon steel
  • Copper washed carbon steel
  • Pre-galvanized carbon steel
  • Stainless steel AISI 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 316Ti and other on request

Type of finishing

  • Cataphoresis coating for high temperature and corrosion resistance
  • Epoxy and polyester powder coated
  • White or yellow galvanization
  • Pickling and Passivation (for stainless steel)


Types of junctions

Types of standard collars

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Novate Milanese, 5 November 2020

Dear customer and business partner,
we wish you and your team are well and safe, particularly during this season severely challenged by the widespread new outbreak of COVID-19.

This message is to provide an update on Testori Group status of activities, in the frame of the increasing measures enforced by different Countries to tackle the sanitary emergency.

At the moment, the restrictions and rules in place in the territories relevant to Testori’s presence are not affecting any of our sites in the Group.

Thanks to the resolute efforts and the rigorous safety protocols we have been proactively putting in place as from the beginning of the year, our facilities, as well as our commercial network, keep on being 100% operational. All our sites are working at full capacity and our manufacturing activities, logistics and support are regularly proceeding to guarantee the supply of products and services to our clients, directly or through our net of subsidiaries and distributors.

During this challenging time, in fact, Testori’s focus remains on creating the best possible conditions to continue supporting our customers and maintaining the high service level you expect from us, while ensuring the health and safety of all those who interact with our facilities, of our employees and of the local communities in which we operate. We have successfully worked to avoid disruptions caused by COVID-19, while at the same time acting responsibly to prevent further spread of the virus.

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We stay tuned on any possible change of the pandemic general scenario and we will keep you informed accordingly within the shortest possible time.
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