FILTER BAGSFilter Bag Quotation  

Testori supplies filter bags for any filtering application. We guarantee complete traceability and according to quality test plan specifically defined with the customers. high customization level; all products and production steps are checked

Bags main features:

  • needle felts or woven fabrics made of all sort of fibers
  • weight range: from 200 to 830 g/m²
  • Diameter range is from 90 mm up to 200 mm
  • Length from 100 mm to 12.000 mm
  • the main solutions for top cuff, boby and bottom part of the
    bag are shown below. The body of the bag is made by thermo
    or continuous triple seam. Thermo welding is
    available for most needlefelts (except P84®, PTFE,
    treated acrylic and treated meta-aramid).
Filter bag and cages


Snap-tes with blue and stainless spring steelFlangeSteel, Cord or Rubber RingSealing Felt of different thicknessesSeal tape on top cuff seams
Snaptes Metal ring Snaptes 9N Seal tape on top cuff seams


Longitudinal triple seamLongitudinal Thermo weldingSeal tape on longitudinal seams
Triple longitudinal seam Thermowelded longitudinal seam Seal tape on longitudinal seams


Single bottomBottom with reinforcementPTFE or P84 accessories on glass fabric
Standard bottom Reinforced bottom PTFE or P84 accessories on glass fabric