Testori Group has been operating for over 100 years in the technical textiles field, specifically applied to industrial filtration for both production processes and environmental protection installations.

Our core business is in the design, production and marketing of textile items (fabrics, cloths, felts, bags etc) for gas and liquid filtration.
Testori’s vertically integrated operations cover the entire value chain, from processing the raw materials (fiber and yarn) through to the production of finished items.


We offer after sales assistance service (mounting, maintenance, scientific consultancy). Testori fully meets the needs of all customers: designers/plant constructors (OEMs), bags/cloths manufacturers, end users. Filter media account for 90% of total sales. The remaining 10% relates to the production of fabrics and technical items for uses other than filtering.

The Group is made up of five companies. Absolute leader in Italy, one of the main players in Europe and constantly growing in extra-European markets.

The main applications of Our products are: cement and aluminum industries, power  generation, waste to  energy, metals, pharmaceutical, chemistry, food, mining, asphalts, waste water treatment and other applications for environment protection.



1830 Giovanni Antonio Testori starts the felt production for handmade paper manufacturing

1905 Testori Foundation in Novate Milanese by Giacomo and Edoardo Testori:  core business in filtration fabrics for seed oil pressing

Twenties & Thirties: focus on industrial filtration; Italian market leadership and French partnerships

Fifties & Sixties: diversifying applications  - gas and liquid filtration in many industrial fields and in environmental protection


Seventies: innovation - new synthetic fibers; start up of non-woven felts production and pioneer of thermo-welding techniques

Eighties & Nineties: growth in Italy (acquisition of: Tessitura Quadrelli, Tessitura Euganea, Filter-Tex and foundation of Toscana Filtri)

2000-2010: consolidation of R&D and customer service; continuous leadership in Italy and key player in Europe and France (acquisition of TTL France)

2011-2012: Foundation of Testori USA Inc. and Testori Emirates Filtration Factory LL

2018:Testori Group is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of the totality of the assets, brand and customer relationship included, of Filtratex Components S.L. (Filtratex). This acquisition, which will leverage on a common business culture and a more than -2- decade successful colla boration between the two Companies, is part of Testori Group’s ongoing expansion and mission to strengthening its market role in the European market. The acquisition of Filtratex will fittingly foster Testori business growth strategy, broadening its geographical foothold in Europe through a more diversified and capillary activity in prominent markets like Spain and Portugal.


  • Investments in capital equipment, human resources and internationalization project to reach Excellence



Our mission is to be an excellent  international  benchmark  for textile technologies, products and services, for gas and liquid filtration in industry and environmental protection.

Our know-how, our brand and our vertically integrated production are key leverages to maintain leadership and reach ambitious targets.

Financial solidity, business integrity and dynamic management are part of the company DNA.

Testori Testori

Internationalization, diversification and innovation are a concrete demonstration of Testori’s leading position in past, present and future challenges.



The company is UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified, with the quality level maintained by an internal Quality Committee.

This Committee coordinates all activities aimed at ensuring the excellent quality and service standardsrequired by the international market.

A philosophy of steady improvement is adopted in order to ensure a program of the Quality System in continuous evolution.

Testori Testori

Together with the quality, the safety and the sanitation are considered essential parts of the company policy.

Therefore the safety activities are integrated into our production process inseparably.



Testori Group has been working for environmental protection since its birth: most of filter media installations guarantee very low emissions in atmosphere and waste water.

Many industrial fields such as cement, aluminium, energy & waste to energy, waste water treatment etc. Are requiring better filter media performance to reduce emissions and to increase energy efficiency. Testori’s product and new developments perfectly fit with these demanding environmental regulations.

New GREEN products for both gas and liquid filtration demonstrate the Group "ECO-consciousness"