Testori vertically integrated production covers the entire value chain: from choosing and processing the raw materials to the production of fabrics, felts, finished items (bags, cloths etc.).

We also offer our pre and after sales assistance with installation and maintenance on the field.

Our main production technologies are weaving (mainly dedicated to liquid filtration products) and needling (mainly for gas filtration products).



The most common yarns for fabrics production are polypropylene, polyamide, polyester, PTFE, cotton...

Available as staple (or spun yarns), multifilament and monofilament.

Staple yarns have lower tensile strength but higher specific surface for excellent retention of smallest particles; monofilament yarns have good tensile strength and retention capacity; multifilament yarns are very smooth for excellent cake release and good resistance to clogging.

These yarn types transfer different filtration properties to the final fabric (moreover if combined in different weave patterns).



Our modern equipment uses any kind of yarn and guarantees high product quality.

Our looms are controlled by computer integrated systems and suitable for large scale productions.



All different yarn types can be combined in different weave patterns:

  • Plain: simple structure where both sides of the fabric have the same appearance and very high retention capacity
  • Twill: diagonal structure where the two sides are not always identical. This pattern shows very good mechanical resistance
  • Satin: the two sides are always different and the appearance is smooth and bright; the cake release and the resistance to clogging are very good




Testori provides heat setting and/or calendering for its fabrics.

The thermal treatment exposes the product to the required temperature able to provide dimensional stability at the operating/process conditions. The calendering combines heat and pressure to achieve the required permeability and the right smooth surface on the cake side.

Our process control allows to verify the air permeability profile online and across the roll length.



The fabric is finally transformed in a ready-made product by laser cutting, assembling and sewing.

Our devices guarantee high production capacity and efficiency, high precision and quality.

Our deposition process of the resin is fully automatic and provides high reliability and productivity of the filter cloth pattern design.

Novate Milanese, 5 November 2020

Dear customer and business partner,
we wish you and your team are well and safe, particularly during this season severely challenged by the widespread new outbreak of COVID-19.

This message is to provide an update on Testori Group status of activities, in the frame of the increasing measures enforced by different Countries to tackle the sanitary emergency.

At the moment, the restrictions and rules in place in the territories relevant to Testori’s presence are not affecting any of our sites in the Group.

Thanks to the resolute efforts and the rigorous safety protocols we have been proactively putting in place as from the beginning of the year, our facilities, as well as our commercial network, keep on being 100% operational. All our sites are working at full capacity and our manufacturing activities, logistics and support are regularly proceeding to guarantee the supply of products and services to our clients, directly or through our net of subsidiaries and distributors.

During this challenging time, in fact, Testori’s focus remains on creating the best possible conditions to continue supporting our customers and maintaining the high service level you expect from us, while ensuring the health and safety of all those who interact with our facilities, of our employees and of the local communities in which we operate. We have successfully worked to avoid disruptions caused by COVID-19, while at the same time acting responsibly to prevent further spread of the virus.

Businesswise, we’re facing Covid as a driver to implement new resources and start innovative initiatives, thus turning this undesirable situation into a chance for improvement. Unfortunately, the travelling restrictions widely enforced are severely hindering the possibility for our representatives to pay you a visit; nevertheless, we’ve adopted all the state-of-the-art communication and remote working systems that technology offers today, to keep staying in close contact with you. We are, at all level, trained and committed to effectively serving your account: we are, as always, here to assist you on planned and new projects.

We stay tuned on any possible change of the pandemic general scenario and we will keep you informed accordingly within the shortest possible time.
Stay safe and thank you for your trust during this situation.