To face the challenge of premature bags failure, due to  incandescent particles carry-over inside the filter, Testori has developed a new product line of spark resistant needlefelts: our “Super Spark Blocker” felts are based on the innovative use of a special acrylic fiber blend.


To meet the more stringent requirements of the market in terms of emissions and efficiency of separation, Testori provides filter bags with PTFE sealing tape. This feature prevents leakage of dust through the seams and also reduces the risk of productcontamination by loose fibers at the raw edges of the media.


Using established manufacturing technology and processes, with the latest in microfiber designs, Testori offers DURAtes, a special range of polyester felts developed to ensure: high efficiency, long life and energy saving.


In the field of solid-liquid separation, Testori expands its product range by offering flocculating agents that improve the dewaterability of sludge and the quality of the filtrate.

Testori Supporting Cages

The accurate combination of the Filter Bag and the Supporting Cage is a key factor for the performance of a filter unit. Testori Supporting Cages are manufactured to give the best possible match with our Filter Bags, thus granting a trouble free and long lasting operation to our customers.

ePTFE membrane

Lamination of extended PTFE membranes on needlefelts  high efficiency membranes more than 99.95% of particlesare captured.

Strainer/Gaf filter bags

Faced with a growing market demand, Testori SpA has expanded its range of products for solid-liquid separation with fabric and felt Strainer/Gaf filter bags, for the most demanding industrial applications: Oil & Gas, petrochemical, water treatment, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, etc.


Meta-aramid fibers blended with special acrylic fiber needled on meta-aramid scrim. (Also available with different scrims such as PTFE). The fiber blend was designed to create an optimal balance between high resistance to corrosion and good mechanical properties (tensile strength) for long life.


Testori’s “Resiltes” is the new water based silicone finishing especially designed to improve fatigue and abrasion resistance of needle felt. The Resiltes resin increases felt compactness, protecting fibers against mechanical stress and extending bag lifetime during operation.


This innovative treatment by Testori is a coating made of a specially foamed resin, now successfully tested on PPS fibers. The typical “cell structure” of this finishing, with smaller average pore size, enables higher filtration efficiency and
lower tendency to clog versus standard felts.


For more than 110 years, Testori product innovation, technical know-how and international presence have been the bases for a successful history of excellence and a favourable future in the filtration industry. We believe that this broad knowhow and our high standards represent the right launch-pad for Testori international leadership. Invaluable assets in human resources, technological equipment and production tools, on-going product innovation combined with a customer oriented approach will strengthen our market share in Italy and worldwide. Testori is considered as a reference partner for liquid and gas filtration serving industry and the environment.
Alessandro Bernardini Managing Director



Testori's 110 years of know-how and vertically integrated production of filter media for gas and liquid filtration are essential for technical assistance of our customers, best material choice, proper design of finished products and both pre and post-sales support.
Testori services include:
Internal R&D laboratory equipped for analysis, technical support and development of new products to face the most challenging applications. Design & engineering department for the design of customized products and technical analyses, installation and maintenance spare parts and accessories offered for bag houses to complete Testori's broad range of products


Testori filter media are applied in many industrial fields where the working conditions must be in accordance with the chemical and mechanical properties of the fibers; For this reason, we process many different raw materials for the production of felts and fabrics.

The fiber choice is strictly linked to the final application and to the process itself (continuous operating temperature is the main parameter). We also offer a wide variety of special felts and special treatments.


Testori has more than 30 years of experience supplying filter bags and media to steel plants and foundries. We provide high quality products for dust collectors and customer service beginning with the media selection and completing the process with filter bag operation and maintenance support.

Testori always provides warranties for dust emissions meeting the most stringent environmental regulations as well as for bag life.


Asphalts production has a relevant impact on the environment and requires a strict control on flue gases and fumes generated during the preparation of asphalts.

Testori Group produces a wide range of felts, as rolls or ready-made products, specifically designed for dust collectors required in bitumen production. Standard bags and two-channel bags are available for any plant type: fixed, continuous, batch mobile and retro flux.


Testori enjoys long time experience in supplying filter bags, cloths, filter media, accessories and services for the aluminum industry. Testori vertically integrated production guarantees high quality and renown competences in industrial processes and environment protection.

Testori range of products satisfies alumina production process, primary aluminium smelters and also secondary aluminium foundries. All these processes can require liquid and/or gas filtration.


Testori has more than 30 years of experience in supplying filter bags and media for waste incineration plants and coal fired boilers. We provide high quality products for dust collectors and customer service beginning with the media selection to the filter bag operation and maintenance.

Vertically integrated production, historical know-how, high levels of customization and R&D, give Testori the ideal position in these markets to meet the needs of all customers: architects & engineers, dust collector OEMs and end users. We are also available to supply felts (and woven fabrics) to dust bag and liquid filter cloth converters.


The filter press was the first equipment used on industrial scale for solid-liquid separation; it was later followed by the belt press for continuous process applications. From the first introduction of these new technologies, Testori developed customized filter media working with OEMs to meet the needs of many different industries and applications: chemical and pharmaceutical industries, mining, water treatment, food industry, etc.

Testori offers a wide range of woven fabrics (cloths and backing cloths) for traditional filter presses, vertical filter presses and belt presses.


Transport and discharge of many bulk powders is frequently accomplished by a fluidization process commonly known as "air slide systems". Dust is subjected to a finely distributed air flow which reduces the drift angle and let the powder flow like a liquid. Air is forced through a densely woven fabric which breaks up the pressurized air into tiny and uniform flow points and pass through the media under the powder. The fluidized material flows at low angles inside the air slide and is easily conveyed or discharged.


The mining industry uses processes of separation of both solids-liquids and solids-gases; while water treatment focuses on liquid filtration. All Testori products contribute to the efficiency of production and to control environmental emissions.


Statistical data regarding industrial accidents point out that 1 out of every 10 explosions is due to static electricity. When powder particles with electric load are suspended in air-streams (i.e. pneumatic transport) it's important to verify the grounding of all metallic structures (all conveying lines, connected equipment, tube sheets and filtering media).

In dust collectors, the electrostatic load can grow both on filter media and on the dust cake, and it is facilitated by low moisture levels, high temperatures, high contact velocities and small particles. Materials like wood powder, grains, sugar, aluminum, magnesium, fiberglass and carbon fiber could generate explosive conditions; particularly if particle dimensions and other characteristics meet the criteria established in the CEI 31-5-6 classification.


In cement plants dedusting processes are of great importance to guarantee good efficiency and optimal environmental protection.
Testori has been supplying the cement industry with filter media and fluidization fabrics for more than 100 years.
As global company in the field of filtration textiles, we offer also services and know-how for any plant equipped with dedusting processes.
Testori production (certified with ISO 9001:2008) starts with fibers selection (staple fibers and yarns) till the finished items through needling, weaving, finishing and stitching (when required).