Testori vertically integrated production covers the entire value chain: from choosing and processing the raw materials to the production of fabrics, felts, finished items (bags, cloths etc.).

We also offer our pre and after sales assistance with installation and maintenance on the field.

Our main production technologies are weaving (mainly dedicated to liquid filtration products) and needling (mainly for gas filtration products).


To meet operating conditions of different customers processes we choose a wide range of fibers with variable resistance to high temperature, to highly corrosive and oxidative environments.

The most common fibers for needle felts production are PES, PP, PAN, meta aramid, PPS, PIC, PTFE.

To optimize the performance, different fibers with different counts and shapes can be combined (ex. PTFE combined with P84®).
PP = polypropylene
PES = polyester
PPS = polyphenylenesulphide
MA = meta-aramid
PI = copolymide
PTFE = polytetrafluoroethylene
NOTE: Indicative values of maximum working 
temperatures; contact us for details on your specific operating conditions



The scrim is realized with our weaving technology.

The polymeric fibers generally used are of the same nature of the felt fibers.

The scrim is inserted to provide dimensional longitudinal stability and strength to the felt.



Testori developed in house needling technology since the Seventies.

We follow all process steps (preparation, carding, cross-lapping, in-line needling) with online quality checks.

We produce special Felts for a wide range of markets and needs: antistatic felts, microfelt®, greenfelt™, firetes, TTX felt ...



This step is of great importance to enhance the felt properties and to customize
it for final filtering plant and process.

We perform:

  • Heat setting
  • Surface treatment: singeing, glazing
  • Mechanical treatments: calendering
  • Chemical treatments: impregnation, coating, embedding.
  • Our special treatments: (Kleentes, Rhytes, Mantes, Novates & Supernovates, Eku and AgTes) can give: idro/oleo-repellency,
    spark resistance, higher filtration efficiency, higher corrosion resistance,
    higher temperature resistance or anti-bacterical properties.



Testori has its internal assembling department for cutting, tubing, stitching and customizing for special requests.

Our long experience and our latest equipment ensures an excellent production.